I am compelled to experiment with this medium.
The unblemished smoothness and radiance of
the bright white glass provides a stark contrast
to its surroundings, emphasizing the curious
shapes. When the pieces are bathed in light
they glow with a warm translucency and cast interesting shadows.
White Fused Glass
“Jazz Hands”  1, 2 & 3
Abstract figure
“Sun and Sea”
Abstract Figure
Years ago, a local store was going out of business and getting rid of lots of glass shelves, some clear and some white. I took it all. I got about 50 huge pieces, so
much that I am still using it today.
The white glass fires so beautifully that I rarely add any color. I prefer to cut it into interesting shapes using a ring saw, then fuse the pieces together to make a more sculptural piece. I then “set” the glass in a cement base. After cutting out the figure shapes, I use the scrapes or negative shapes that are left over to create a more abstract piece. I sometimes hang separate shapes, attached by wire to the piece creating a stabile.
Like some of my cut paper work, these glass pieces were ”Matisse” inspired,
 especially the three dancers, “Jazz Hands” 1, 2 and 3
 and  the piece “Sun and Sea”
The prices are:
“Jazz Hands”   $400 each
The Figures     $95 each
The Abstract figures  $150 each
The Stabiles    $225 each
The Bowl         $95
“Sun and Sea”   $325                               24”x13”
The dimensions, including base are approx;
 23” h x 18”w
16” h x 5” w
22” h x 9” w
19” h x 10” w
13” dim