“Baby Clothes”
“Face Bowl”
11” dim  $225
“Landscape Vase”
6x4”  $ 45
“Carved Bird Bowl”
15” dim $275
“Purple Edge Plate”
13” dim  $50
“Tea Pot”
6x5”  $45
“Jar with Lid”
5.5x3”  $45
“Blue Pot”
“”Raku Pot with Handles”
6x5.5” sold
“Painted Pot with Lid”
18x8”  $150
“Raku Bowl”
5x5”  $ 45
“Carved Vase”
5x4”  $20
“Flower Vase”
5x4  $25
“Vase” $45
“Box with Lid”  $45
“Carved Bowl”
6x8”  $75
“Blue & White Village Pot
“Ceramic Necklaces”
$15  each
“Carved Plate”
10” dim  $50
“Ceramic Necklaces”
$15  each
The pieces with prices are the only ones for sale. All the others  
      are not available or have been sold. I put them here as  
           examples of the kinds of things I do. If there is
                   something that you are interested in,
                                    please let know.
    “Small Pots”
The beauty and delicate nature of children is depicted in
       “Baby Clothes,” they are done with actual baby
           clothes dipped in slip (liquid clay) shaped,
                then bisque fired. I decorated each
                   piece with a fabric-like design,
                          glaze and fire again.