Oil Pastel & Watercolor
“Bouquet with
Orange and Pear”
“Blue Vase, Red Tulips”
“Flowers with Fruit”
“Spring Bouquet”
“Full Bloom”
“Day in the Country”
“Dancing on Water”
“The Crow”
 Prints and note cards also available
5x7 prints on 8x10 paper  $12
8x10 prints on 8.5x11 paper  $18
 Note cards  $5 or 5 for  $20
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These paintings were done using oil pastels and water color. They are more about color, shape and texture than about realistic depiction. The shapes are rather flat, with the surface texture providing the only real feeling of depth.
The bright color and simple, naive compositions are meant to evoke a cheerful
response. The images are first created in oil pastel, then I add the watercolor.
The oil pastels act as a wax resist, allowing the water color to  achieve interesting effects as it “puddles” on the paper. The “Squash,” “The Crow” and leaf pieces were done in the fall. The flowers were done in the dead of winter.... my desire for spring!
The prices for the original, unframed paintings are;
“Bouquet with Orange and Pear”   18x24   $325
“Blue Vase, Red Tulips”  15x20   $275
“Flowers with Fruit”    18x24   $325
“Spring Bouquet”   15x20   $275
“Squash”   18x24    $325
“Full Bloom”   18x24   $325
“Day in the Country”    18x24   $325
“ The Crow”  18x24    $325
“Dancing on Water”    7.5x9.5    $50
“Leaves in the Stream”    7.5x9.5     $50
 “Leaves in the Stream”