This recent series started as I was approaching my 60th birthday. I began a self-awareness study, exploring my feelings about beauty, youth, vitality, the diminishing effects that aging brings and social acceptance.
I have been “painting” my face for 45 years. My white hair, eye lashes and brows against pale skin,  make my face a blank canvas,  waiting to be brought to life. I have never thought of make-up as a disguise, but a tool by which I reveal my true self to the world.  My “60 Faces” series allowed me to take my face painting to an extreme, where by I expose passions, dreams and desires, previously hidden. Upon examination of the photographs I had taken of myself at the completion of each face painting, the 60 “self-portraits” were characterized by an eclectic collection of motifs and emotions, each one expressing a different mood or personality and together, a revealing look at my inter-self, a look requiring further contemplation.
60 Faces