“Glass Pendents”
“Glass Pendants”
Colored Fused Glass



This is a table top I made using scrap
pieces of clear glass that I fired to smooth the edges. After making photo copies of things I like ( postcards, wrapping paper, magazine pages, pieces of my art, photos etc.) I apply them to the glass pieces using a  decoupage medium. I glued each piece to the table using clear silicone.
(I use silicone to be sure that when I apply the grout, the water from the grout doesn’t get under the decoupage and damage it)  The finished “mosaic”
has been a great conversation piece.
The fused glass pieces on this page all start clear flat glass. All the color comes from the use of “frit” which is powdered glass that comes in different textures, like flour, sugar, rock salt and chunks. It can be transparent or opaque. Each gives a different look to the glass after it is fired. The color is now fused onto the clear glass in the kiln ( up to 1450 degrees F). The pieces you see here were all done in different ways. Sometimes I cut all the shapes first (like the faces), apply the frit and fire separately, then arrange them and fire again to fuse all the pieces together.
The “Tree” designs are solid pieces of glass done with chunk and powder frit first then slumped on a wave mold, so they can actually stand on their own. The plates and bowls are also slumped on a mold. The glass pendants are made from lots of scrap and have had many firings. I never waste glass, if something cracks or is damaged I just break it up and turn it into something else. I  always fire at night so the kiln has time to cool, and when I get up in the morning to open it, it’s like Christmas!
Silver wire wrapped glass pendants    $20 each
Silver Necklace  $60
“Fish”  $85 each

“Trees”  $175
“Orchard”   $175
“Branches”   $85
“Down Pour”  $150
“Kaleidoscope”  $350
“Sails”  $85
“Sunset”           $125
“The Blond”
20x19”    $950 sold
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These pieces were inspired by my “Tango” series.