Over the years I have collected a lot of scrap glass. I never throw away even the tiniest pieces!
Recently, I started using my scrap glass in pot melts and mesh melts, and I LOVE the results!!
After creating the “melt” piece, I cut it up and using other pieces, create something really interesting.
I wanted to achieve a brightly colored, yet somewhat organic look to each piece, like what you might find in the center of a cut stone.
The final work is  a round disk, displayed in a wrought iron stand.
I have also used broken bottle glass in my melts, with equally interesting results. By placing the finished disk in a slump mold, I can create a bowl.
Window or Float glass  and Tempered glass is also fun to experiment with.
In the following pieces, you will see tempered glass bowls, made by shattering the glass and firing in a mold.
The very textured, bubbled pieces are made using float glass and bubble powder.
Recycled Glass