It was on a recent trip to Argentina that I began working with color pencils again. We were on a six week visit with family when my husband became ill and was confined to bed for a couple of weeks. I was anxious to do something creative to relieve my anxiety and to express my feelings of helplessness, so I bought some pencils and paper and went to work.  The piece in the center is symbolic of how I was feeling.  Thankfully, my husband is healthy again and I am enjoying a medium I hadn’t used in years!  
“Sea Dragon”
“Earth Moves”
“Sound Waves”
“Blue Birds”
“Red Birds”
Colored Pencil
All of the colored pencil originals are 7.5x9.5 or 8x10.  $200  unframed.                 5x7 image prints on 8x10 paper  $12
8x10 image prints on 8.5x11 paper $18    Note Cards   $5
Larger sizes are available on request, price depends on size.
All images are copyright protected.
In my colored pencil drawings I challenged myself to imagine a word, an object,
 a sound or a feeling. Using that vision, I created a symbolic montage.
The kaleidoscope of rich layered colors in geometric and calligraphic lines and shapes, hint at the story but invite the observer to search for a deeper meaning.