“Diminishing Beauty”
“The Bondage of Youth”
“Unfulfilled Dreams of  
   In “Damaged” I used the lost vitality of recognizable objects that have been broken or discarded. I wanted them to have new meaning in their association with each other and experience a “sculptural rebirth.”                                    
The prices for these pieces are;
“Birth”  10x12 Framed  $95
“Youth”  10.5x10.5 framed  $95
“Motherhood”  10x12 Framed  $95
“Recovery”   8x10 Framed  $95
“Beauty”   19x19 Framed  sold
“Damaged”  23x18        $250
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These “Assemblages” are strongly narrative and follow stages in a woman’s life. In the construction of these event inspired ensembles, I tried to depict some of these situations. The use of materials such as glass, ceramic, plaster, wire mesh, fabric, beads, hand painted paper and thread enabled me to create some interesting textured surfaces. Hopefully the observer will find each piece symbolic and emotionally charged.
“Diminishing Beauty”