Oil Paintings
“Afternoon Sail”
“Catalina Morning”
“The Road To Grasse”
“View From The Deck”
“Garden Gate”
“Along The Coast”
“Looking Out To Sea”
“Garden Dreams”
“Red Chair Under Tree”
oil  8x10
“The Mission”
oil  8x10
oil  8x10
oil  8x10
oil  8x10
oil  8x10
The small 8x10 paintings on this page are my practice works, done quickly (usually an hour) I can study different styles and try different colored canvas. I rarely paint on white canvas, preferring magenta, purple, light red or blue, depending on the mood I want to convey.
The original paintings on this page that are not for sale or have already been sold  are labeled  NA
 The prices for those available are;
“Afternoon Sail”   16x20   $950
“View From The Deck”    48x48    $1700
“Garden Gate”    16x20    $1100
“Along The Coast”   16x20   $1100
“Looking Out To Sea”   “16x20   $1100
“Red Chair Under Tree”     16x20   $1100
“The Mission”    16x20   $950
All of the 8x10 paintings are   $325

All of prices include gold frames.
All of my oil paintings are available in prints and note cards
5x7 prints on 8x10 paper   $12
8x10 prints on 8.5x11 paper   $18
Note cards  $5 each or 5 for  $20


All images are copyright protected.
These oil paintings are somewhat traditional in their subject matter.  I express my view of the world through the use of vibrant, often unrealistic color, giving the subject dramatic possibilities. In the landscapes, I strive to stay “loose” in my depictions and keep an almost “fantasy” quality to the work.