These mixed media paintings are created on texturized canvas, to which I have applied an
 opaque medium impasto. The images are painted using tints mixed with a transparent
medium. This technique  gives  the look of a fresco. Though the subjects are often quite traditional, the surface treatment lends itself to a more contemporary feeling. It was an
experiment that prompted me to embellish the surface of the finished painting with gold
paint, which I applied and then wiped off. It accentuated the texture and added a warm glow
 as well as depth and drama.
“Cote d’ Azur”
“Big Sur”
“Menton Morning”
“ Through the Luberon”
“Beside The Brook”
“Red Tree, Blue Sea”
“Flowers and Pears”
“Red Tulips”
“Flowers and Oranges”
“Bowl of Lemons”
           “The Pear”
“Primrose and Pears”
All of these paintings are originals and all of the 16x20 paintings are framed.
The larger paintings are all done on creative edge canvas.
All of these paintings are also available as prints and note cards.
All images are copyright protected.
The prices for the paintings are;
“Cote d’ Azur”   36x36   $1500
“Big Sur”      30x40   $1500
“Menton Morning”   36x36   $1500
“Through the Luberon”  36x36  $1500
“Beside the Brook”   36x48   $1500
“Red Tree, Blue Sea”    8x10   $225
“Flowers and Pears”   16x20   $650
“Pink Tulips”   16x20   $650
“Flowers and Oranges”   16x20   $650
“Bowl of Lemons”   16x20   $450
“The Pear”   sold
“Primrose and Pears”   16x20   $650
“Blue Trees”    16x20    $595