Most of these paintings are based on landscapes but are absolutely abstract in their depiction. Using oil straight from the tube with a palette knife, I wanted the vibrant color impasto to melt and fuse. These works are more about conveying a mood than conventional aesthetics. I want the viewer to experience an exciting, chaotic competition between the colors, rather than the peaceful serene feeling nature usually gives.
“ City at Night”
“Total Emersion”
“Escape To Happiness”
“Butterfly Dance”
“Island Sunset”
“Waves Against    
     The Rocks”
“Fall Reflections”
“Seagulls Chasing Kites”
The prices of these paintings are;
“Seagulls Chasing Kites”  oil  14x14 with gold frame  $325
“Butterfly Dance”  oil  13x16 with gold frame   $325
“Island Sunset”   oil  13x16 with gold frame   $325
“Waves Against The Rocks”  oil  13x16 with gold frame   $325
“The City At Night”   mixed media  48x48  creative edge canvas  $1500
“Candlelight”   oil   13x13 with gold frame  $325
“Total Emersion”  mixed media  36x36 creative edge canvas  $950
“Escape To Happiness”   oil  36x36 unframed  $950
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    I used mixed media in the painting
“ City at Night”.  It is a direct expression of the subject without exact representation. Using color, shapes and lines in an expressive way to suggest the lights, buildings and street reflections, I want the observer to feel the mysterious, romantic and symbolic overtones.