Tango Paintings
This series of mixed media paintings are compositions of somewhat “cartoonish” characters
I have injected with high energy color. They are interpretations of themes, both real and imagined, in which I wanted to be theatrical, lyrical and dramatic.  I invite the viewer to be laughingly seduced by the color as well as by the composition.
“Now Try This”
“Razzle Dazzle”
“Honeysuckle Rose”
“I Promise”
“The Tango Teacher”
“Wishful Thinking”
“Smooth Moves”
All of these images are available as prints and note cards.
All images are copyright protected.
These paintings were done for an exhibition at “Bistango”. A bistro/club in California. The original paintings are not for sale but they are available in high
quality giclee.
Giclee Prices are;
“Honeysuckle Rose”   30x40  $950
“The Tango Teacher”   36x36   $950
“Smooth Moves”    30x40    $950
“Razzle Dazzle”   48x48    $1150
“I Promise”   30x40    $950
“Now Try This”    30x40   $950